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Advantages of the heat-insulating lightweight concrete Isotherma®

  • Thanks to the additives the insulating concrete can be easily pumped.
  • Water pipes, power lines and heating pipes can be easily embedded to avoid thermal bridges.
  • The insulating concrete ISOTHERMA® has a density of 360 kg/m³ in dry state and is therefore very compact, but also extremely lightweight. These properties help to reduce the renovation costs of old buildings.
  • The floor insulation can be applied in a layer of 3 to 30 cm.
  • Depending on the thickness applied and the climatic conditions, it is usually possible to walk on the floor after 24 to 48 hours, but the following layers can be applied in any case:
    • A normal floor screed.
    • A floating screed (a foil has to be placed underneath).
  • Due to the high elasticity extension joints are not necessary.
  • When renovating buildings, the lightweight concrete ISOTHERMA® can be applied as insulation on a wood floor. In this case a foil and a reinforcement are necessary.
  • After a drying time of 3 weeks it is possible to install tiles in a mortar bed or to lay parquet after the application of a primer directly onto the insulating concrete ISOTHERMA®. This is especially advantageous, if you have to adhere to a certain height or weight for the layer.
  • After 4 weeks the insulating concrete ISOTHERMA® has a compressive strength of 59 t/m² and a thermal conductivity λ of 0,061 W/(m K). These values are not achieved by many other floor insulations.